Friday, July 12, 2013

Journeys reading Series - A linky Party

This coming school year, my school system is adopting a new reading series. It is time although I liked the older series. Probably just because I was familiar with it. But it's time for something new. Something that meets the common core standards and is a little more vigorous. Our system looked at three different series. Wonders, Journeys and Reading Street. I was lucky enough to get to review all three series as part of a group at my school. One of my fellow first grade teachers was on the county committee. I really liked Reading Street the best out these series. But the county decided on Journeys.
It was my second choice so I'm ok with it. Luckily my principal is of the opinion that our instruction isn't driven by the textbook but by the standards and the students. So I have some freedom to deviate if needed. But I like using the reading series for sight words and phonics skills. My first year in kindergarten (6 years ago) we adopted the reading series Treasures. After using it for a year, I realized I needed a better way to organize what we were doing. I created a document that helped me with planning. It was like an overview of all the units. It made planning easier and it made sharing with our special area and ELL teachers a lot easier. So the last day of school, I found myself on the online portal of Journeys creating this document and recording all the sight words for the series. This helped me to start thinking about what I needed for the upcoming school year.
I knew this series was much more vigorous than what I was used to but it shocked me to see the amount of sight words the kids are expected to learn this year. For the first 2 units it is one word a week, much like what I was use to. The third unit it goes up to 2 words a week. But the 4-6 units, the kids are expected to know 6 words a week. To me that seems like a lot but I'll be jumping in with 2 feet. I have a freebie for you to help you wrap your mind around all the sight words.

Along with this freebie, I've created a couple of items for Teachers Pay teachers that use the words and letter order from Journeys. I would love for you to check them out. 

This is 15 weeks worth of homework using the sight words and letter order, I am so excited about this unit. I have been using fluency homework for the past 2 years. I usually throw it together the week before. So I'm excited to have it done for the first semester. If you check it out on TPT, download the preview. It has a freebie of the first week. The first week is all about their name. 
The second product I have that uses Journeys is a word work packet. 
I'm excited about this unit too. It has activities for the whole year. So I have word work stations done for the year. That's exciting to me!

I also thought I would share a few of my friends products too. There are a lot of great resources on TPT for Journeys. 

So those are the resources I've found so far. I would love to see what you've found or what you're working on. Please link up with your post all about Journeys.  


  1. Thank you so much for the freebie sight word sheet. I got Lori's Journey's pack and this will be so perfect to use for parents and in assessing. We adopted Journeys this year too (my second choice, as well ;) But I think with all the terrific resources I just might be ready to go soon!

  2. Thanks so much! I will be checking out the other ladies Journeys materials too. Our school will be using Journeys for the first time this year also, and any extra help with the new materials is appreciated!

  3. Our county just adopted Journeys as well. It will be my first year using it and I just got Lori's packet to help organize my year. Can't wait to see what others have for this reading curriculum.
    Rambling About Reading

  4. What were your thoughts on Wonders? That is the one my principal is interested in.

  5. I am wondering how you truly feel about Journey's reading series...I am not impressed, but I do not like teaching form a basal. I think the letter order is too slow,